Protecting your premises is vital to consider and manage at every level. Whether you run an organisation on a large area of land, or have smaller offices; protecting, managing and monitoring the access to your premises is important all year round.

There are many different methods of security for protecting your business premises. However, ANPR systems is an effective piece of technology which comes with an array of security benefits for your organisation. 

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and is a technology that uses cameras in order to read number plates and record data. Local and national authorities can get access to many ANPR systems across the UK for crime analysis, but it can also be used as an effective access control solution.

Below are the top 5 benefits of ANPR systems for your business premises.

1.Efficiency and Reliability

Even though installing an effective security gate and barrier system is a reliable way of deterring crime and protecting your premises from intruders, it can be a manual and time consuming task. However, by having an ANPR system in place, vehicles will automatically have access granted to enter sites, as the system can match the number plate of a vehicle onto the main system.

Fully automated ANPR camera systems require no employees to operate the systems, and organisations will be able to see a significant increase in reliability and successful application of non-confrontational car park management and human error.

2.Easier Management of Resources 

As ANPR systems help manage the access control in alignment with gates and barriers, it can also help save time and aid management processes. Tracking vehicle number plates can be an extremely effective way of monitoring employee clock-in and clock-out times. 

ANPR systems can monitor employees and their vehicles when they enter and leave the premises. This data can then be recorded immediately, and used for personal reference if an employee leaves or enters the site when they shouldn’t be. 

3.Enhanced Security & Safety

Automated ANPR systems will result in higher levels of accuracy and security in comparison to manual checks, which are known to have higher chances of breaching security processes if there was to be a human error accounted for. ANPR systems give organisations peace of mind by relying on advanced technologies and 99% accuracy to spot unauthorised vehicles entering the premises. 

Combined with monitoring and management of potential security breaches, ANPR systems can also identify other safety issues for an organisation. For example, it can identify a person speeding and address the employee/visitor before a severe accident may occur.

4.24/7 Systems 

ANPR systems can operate 24/7 meaning that management can be automated every single hour of every single day for 365 days. Henceforth, this is a more reliable solution to manned guarding and security patrols. 

5.Accuracy of Real-Time Analytics

Real-time monitoring and analytics facilitate many ANPR systems. Organisations can have access to historical data as well as live data and reporting.

This data can therefore be stored on a device which can be used for future reference and evidence should an incident or accident occur.


Here at Aegis Security, we offer advanced Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) as part of our car park barriers systems and services. Please ask about our ANPR services when enquiring about our parking barriers.

Contact us by calling our main office number on 01206 323900 or send us an email at to learn more.


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