Automated Barriers & Gates in Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk

Automated gates and barriers are an effective access control system for car parks, larger grounds and business or industrial areas where entry and exit need to be controlled and monitored closely.

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Why Opt for Automated Gates & Barriers?

Automated barriers and gates offer fantastic protection to your premises or home, providing complete control and instant access. There are a variety of gates and barriers available at reasonable prices for domestic and commercial applications. Equipped with remote automation technology, they provide a complete ease of use. Moreover, they can also be integrated with other devices using intercom, CCTV and number plate recognition.

Easy Automation of Existing Doors & Gates

We are able to automate existing doors and gates to meet your requirements. We are members of the Door & Hardware Federation, and as such, put safety, compliance and a professional service at the forefront of all our barrier, door and gate automation installations.

Car Park Barriers & Parking Bollards

Traffic Barriers can effectively secure a car park or offer restricted entry in parking areas from unauthorised users. We can integrate the barrier with a telephone/video entry system or access control to compliment the integration.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the safety considerations for automatic gates?

The Health and Safety Executive have issued the following notice on the fitting and maintaining of automatic gates, if however this does not answer your question then please do not hesitate to contact us.

What if I am delayed and the automatic gates start to close before I am through the entrance?

Safety photocells (otherwise known as magic eyes) can be mounted on each gate post. If your vehicle (or any person, animal or object) breaks this beam, the gate will either not move or if the gate has already started to close, it will stop moving and reverse open again. If you have large or deep gates then we would advise for an additional pair of safety photocells to be fitted on posts just beyond the leading edges of the open gate. These will protect the full radial sweep of the gate.

Who can install gate automation equipment?

Gate automation can be installed by a professional installer or a competent person. Installations need to comply with BS EN12635 and EN12453 to help you comply with this standard.

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