Why do I need a Burglar Alarm?

With crime rates in many areas throughout the UK at an all-time high, many home and business owners are looking for ways to protect their families and property against theft, damage and harmful attacks. One of the best ways to do this is to have a home security system installed by a professional home security company.

Home security systems installed by Aegis Integrated Security can ensure the safety of your home and family and can combine a wide range of premium features from CCTV monitoring and night vision, to access control and more. If you are considering having an integrated home security system installed in your home, keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of home security systems and why you should choose a professional security company to install it.

5 Reasons to Get a Burglar Alarm

1. Home Security Systems Protects Your Valuables – Your home and everything inside of it is important to you and your family and having it stolen or damaged during a burglary can be devastating. An integrated home security system installed by Aegis Integrated Security can help protect your home and your valuables from theft and even call the local police in the event of a break-in.

2. Home Security Systems Deter Crime – By installing a burglar alarm, you can deter crime in your neighbourhood as thieves will see that your home has an alarm system and they will avoid your home and possibly the entire neighbourhood.

3. Home Security Systems Allow Remote Access To Your Home – A home security system installed by Aegis Integrated Security enables you to monitor your home while you are at work, out shopping or even inside your home. You can see what is happening on the exterior of your home, check on your children and pets or control your home’s lighting and HVAC controls.

4. Home Security Systems Can Reduce Your Homeowner’s Insurance – Many homeowner’s insurance companies offer reduced rates to homeowners who have installed a home security system. Knowing that your home is being monitored by a professional security company assures them that your valuables and your property are being protected and the chance of loss is reduced.

5. A home security system installed by Aegis Integrated Security can Notify You of a Fire – Aegis Integrated Security offers custom tailored fire protection monitoring services that are designed to alert you in the instance of a fire as well as notifying the proper emergency services personnel.

Adding a home security system installed by Aegis Integrated Security can help prevent your home from becoming a target for criminals and anyone wanting to do harm to you or your family. To learn more about installing a burglar alarm system in your home, contact Aegis Integrated Security today!

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