What is the best way to protect your premises and the property within them? If you said one of those oversized attack dogs, or an on-premises security guard, you would be close, but your premises would only be half protected and you wouldn’t have a digital record of what happened if you did incur a security breach. Then, it comes down to your word against that of a skilled criminal and you might not win your case. You could even be sued if your security personnel or watch dog used excessive force in protecting your property. Unfortunately that is the world we live in and the only way to avoid these security pitfalls is to take advantage of today’s technology.

CCTV Provides A Visual Record Of Events

An alarm system and affordable CCTV system will not only alert you to an intruder, but it will also give you a visual record of what is going on while recording every second in HD digital quality videos. This is important because you will have an accurate, undeniable record of who broke in and what they took or what they damaged. A CCTV system can even be used in combination with a security team who could catch the intruder red handed, so to speak.

CCTV Offers Deterrence

Another benefit of a CCTV system is deterrence. Not only will a high quality CCTV system record the action, but it can also deter a break-in. When a thief targets a home or business, they usually look for tell-tale signs of an alarm system. Many of today’s state of the art alarm systems are so discreet that many intruders won’t see them until it is too late. A CCTV system places cameras on the exterior and interior of your building and are visible to everyone, especially thieves looking for an easy score. Once they see the CCTV cameras installed, they will look elsewhere.

CCTV Systems Are Easy To Use

affordable hd cctvCCTV systems are easy to use as they send a signal directly to a television or specially designed monitor and can give you a view of your premises from anywhere in the building. Many security companies provide a wide range of CCTV products including:

  • External Bullets With In-Built Infra-Red Illumination
  • Vandal Resistant Mini-Domes
  • High Speed Domes With Presets And Automatic Tours
  • Covert Cameras
  • Vehicle Number Plate Recognition Cameras With ANPR For Integration With Access Control Systems

So aside from providing and accurate record of the break-in and theft or damage of your property, a CCTV system can also deter a break-in saving you both time and money having to report the crime and replace damaged doors or windows. CCTV systems also enable you to monitor your production line to ensure that your employees are working safely and following all company guidelines.

To learn more about the benefits of an affordable CCTV system, in Colchester, Ipswich, Chelmsford, Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds or anywhere in Suffolk or Essex contact Aegis Integrated Security today!

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