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New Wireless Ricochet Alarm Systems

Posted on by Laura Head


Wireless alarms continue to be in great demand but do customers realise the on-going cost of battery replacement. Everything being wireless means independent power source, batteries! Full wireless systems can run to 10 -15 batteries which really need replacing every two years and this can add £40 – 50 to your service costs, in addition any sounder is restricted to a very short burst of noise again because of battery power. 

Aegis has the ideal solution with the revolutionary Ricochet Hybrid system. This system provides for conventional hard wired sounders, keypads and detection devices as well as a full range of wireless sensors, including the first wireless Dual Technology movement detector for hostile environments such as garages, conservatories and out buildings. 

The Ricochet system allows the wireless sensors to “bounce” signals from one to another which greatly increases the range and reliability of the system. This ability to Ricochet from one to another makes the system suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. With control units providing from 12 circuits (domestic) to over 88 (large commercial) we have a system to fit any requirement. In fact the system is used in many stately homes and listed properties where wiring and range make it the ideal choice. 

In addition to the obvious benefits, the system, being a conventional control, can accept all types of remote signalling from Red Care to Dual Com to a standard Customer Dialler. 

Why not find out what the Ricochet system can do for you, call today for a Free no obligation survey.


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