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Don’t Let Burglars Share Your Christmas

Posted on by Editor


Christmas is such a busy time for everyone but especially for burglars which is why you should act now to protect your property by installing burglar alarms and CCTV.

If you’re like many families in Newmarket and Cambridge, you’re already filling your home with Christmas presents and festive treats ahead of 25th December. Statistics show that most families spend anywhere from £600 to £800 on Christmas presents alone.
You’re also probably away from home more during December than at any other time of the year, shopping, going to school plays and Christmas parties as well as work.

Unfortunately, local criminals are also out a lot at this time of the year, but they’re casing properties like yours in the hope of breaking in and taking off with Christmas presents and other valuables.
To save you from the heartbreak of coming home to find all the gifts you’ve carefully chosen for your family members and loved ones have been stolen, Aegis Security urges you to act now to protect your home and valuables with these tips…

Make sure you use your burglar alarm and CCTV

If you have a burglar alarm, turn it on when you leave the house and at night. Make sure your CCTV works and is on at all hours.

Keep windows and doors locked at all times

Even if you’re in the house during the day, keep your doors and windows locked.

Hide the gifts you’ve bought

Don’t make it easy for burglars by putting all your presents under the tree and on display. Hide them.

Make it look as if someone is always home

Give the impression that someone is in the house at any time of the day or night. Leave lights on and curtains drawn. If you and your family are going away during December, ask a trusted neighbour or friend to check on your home in your absence.

If you live in Newmarket, find out how easy it is to protect your home and valuables by visiting this page. And if you’re in Cambridge, you can visit this page.


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