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1. Request a FREE Survey

Our friendly surveyors will attend your premises

2. Design & Propose

We will create a design and a proposal for your system

3. Installation & Training

At a time that suits you, our team of engineers will be install your new system and show your how to use it.

4. Service & Maintenance

We can offer you a package to suit your needs with assistance available 24/7

Make sure your fire alarm gives you complete protection

When it comes to fire alarms, you want to know that they’re keeping you, and your property, as safe as possible. Yes, smoke alarms are required by law – but there’s more you can do than just put in an alarm.

We offer a professional protection service to businesses and home, by supplying a wide range of alarms and systems. We even take care of the installation and maintenance! And, thanks to our supply design and installation service, you can be sure that the system in place will meet every legal requirement.

“By ‘more than just a fire alarm’, do you mean smoke alarms AND carbon monoxide detectors?”

In a way, yes – but there’s more to it than that. For example, all of our systems consist of:

  • Detection equipment,
  • Manual call points,
  • Smoke detectors (both optical and ionisation)
  • Heat detectors,
  • Warning sounders,
  • And visual warning devices

A Fire Risk Assessment is carried out before any installation, and the higher the grading, the more complete the cover.

We’ll be able to see exactly how your grading can be improved, talk you through everything, and then install and maintain the equipment for you. So, whether you require a small and basic conventional fire alarm system, a wireless radio system, or a fully computer programmable analogue addressable system, you’ll get it from us.

And don’t forget about the guarantee on your alarm systems…

That’s right… our commitment to your safety doesn’t end when we’ve installed your alarm system. You’ll also get a fully inclusive 12 month guarantee – as standard.

So if you’d like to make sure your fire alarm system is offering the best protection possible, call us now on 0845 0945 752 to discover how we can help you.

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