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Mr & Mrs Cox of Thorrington

Posted on by Laura Head

I phoned Aegis after seeing their website. I spoke to the receptionist who said that Mark Brown one of the surveyors would phone me back when he got back from his appointment. Sure enough he did, and what an informed and total professional conversation we had over the phone that inspired great confidence. He came out later that very afternoon and completed a detailed and comprehensive informative risk assessment. He gave me no-nonsense common sense informed recommendations, there was no pressure selling, but lots to think about and items for us to consider. With no exaggeration, this stage was one of the most professional consultations I have experienced in my business career.

We had some concern about various issues including cats, but Mark could not have been more helpful in suggesting ideas, solutions and things to consider, but always giving empathy to our budget, emailing over to us a revised specification and prices in a comprehensive email in a very timely manner.

After this truly superlative service there was no question who we were going to use. Once I had committed to the system, empathy was given to our recent break in and installation was agreed for two days later, just phenomenal service.

Mark agreed to be at our house on the day of the installation to talk the installer through the set up. We were introduced to Scott, well we did not expect somebody could equal Mark, but Scott was equally as professional in every single way. Again very professional, answered all questions fully, just like Mark, with exceptional product knowledge and considered the installation for wired components so carefully that the whole system looks like it is wire free.

At midday he was joined by his colleague Phil to lend a hand with some of the difficult parts of the install. I do not know how you found all your staff, but Phil was also out of the same mould, incredibly helpful and considerate that we wanted the system installed to hide wires and the potential interference the cats might cause.

Your staff are a real credit to your company, I have experienced excellent service before, but this was just at a different level.

As you can see we are really happy and feel much more secure and would highly recommend your company above any other.

Thank you very much for everything and when we have saved a bit more for LED security lighting and maybe a CCTV system, you can guess who will be doing it.


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